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Artist Spotlight

Kat Deluna - Loading

Kat DeLuna is the girl next door, no matter where you're from. To say she's a crossover artist is an understatement. Hip hop, R&B, merengue, pop, Spanish jazz, ballads, and dance, she does it all; in English and Spanish. Want proof? R&B superstar R. Kelly called her a "prodigy" and the famous Salvadorian singer Alvaro Torres referred to her as Selena. At age 12 she was invited by the "Queen of Merengue" Milly Quezada, to sing with her on stage in front of thousands of people, and in April of 2004 she opened for J Records recording artist Cassidy as part of the all Latino girl group Coquette. All this, and KAT is only 19 years old. Despite her success, things haven't always come easy for KAT. Shortly after Kat Emperatriz De Luna and her family moved from the Bronx to the Dominican Republic, where she was raised in poverty. KAT spent her time listening to Aretha Franklin and Billie Holiday records, which she imitated daily on her karaoke machine. Friends and family recognized her talent at an early age, but it wasn't until moving back to the US that KAT realized her potential as a singer. With that goal in mind at age 14, KAT was accepted to the New Jersey School of the Performing Arts. As a freshman, she scoured the pages of The Village Voice for auditions. KAT auditioned endlessly for a chance to showcase her undeniable talent and finally received a call for an all girl group. KAT recognized that music was missing a Latin flavor. She sought to fill this void and formed the first Latina, Hip Hop/R&B group: Coquette. This does not only display KATs ability to tap into her culture background to differentiate herself in the industry, but also her business acumen. While working with Coquette KAT continued to search for opportunities to lead her towards her goal as a performer. At age15, KAT entered a Coca-Cola sponsored karaoke competition. Her version of I Will Always Love You took first place. It was through this competition that she met legendary Cuban salsa singer Rey Ruiz. Ruiz gave KAT advice that she carries with her today. "He told me, nobody knows you better than you do, and that nobody can help you if you can't help yourself," says KAT. With this, KAT began writing her own music and has continued to do so since. Today, KAT is signed to GMB Music Group/Epic Recoreds as a solo artist and is hard at work in the studio every day. In addition to her great recording work ethic, her days are filled with vocal classes, dance lessons, and the gym. With the attitude that she'll do whatever it takes to make it, KATs hard work is already beginning to pay off. KAT is a rare find in that she is the complete package. KAT is a quadruple threat with her dancing, singing, writing abilities and the ideal image, which makes it effortless for her to connect with her audience. KAT has the work ethic, maturity, and the crossover appeal necessary to not only make it in this hard business, but to do so on an international level.

  • Kat Deluna
    Wanna See U Dance (La La La) (Clean)
  • Kat Deluna ft Fatman Scoop
    Drop It Low (Clean)
  • Kat Deluna ft Jeremih
    What A Night (Clean)
  • Kat Deluna
    Close My Eyes (Clean)

DJ Spotlight

DJ Phinesse


  • Beenie Man
    Classic Dude (Refix)(Clean) (Clean) (DJ Phinesse Remix)

Label Spotlight

XTC Records Inc.

XTC Records Inc.

  • XTC Records Inc.

  • No Idea Records Inc.

  • Odessa Mama Records

  • Money Green Entertainment

  • Caked Out Records


  • Philly Mixtape

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