Have you ever dreamed about hosting your own mixshow to showcase your talent. now that dream can become a reality with this exciting and highly exclusive partnership with one of the hottest radio station on the web.
Franchise Record Pool has teamed up with Worldcast Radio (WCR) to offer our members a unique opportunity to showcase their talent not only to their surrounding areas (like commercial radio's limited radias) but to the entire world. We are talking gaining experience and exposure by producing your own radio show, be it a mixshow or a new music showcase show hosting by you. Whatever it is the freedom is yours.


Send us an email with your show name, show date & time to  
Download the station IDs from to plug into your shows (You must do this before submitting or your show will not be aired).
Shows MUSt 60 mins or more not less than. If you want to do 2 hrs then shows must be submitted as two 1 hr shows.  
Convert your shows to a 192kbps MP3 file and send using sites like or etc to  
Get listed as a Power DJ along with your show on the left menu after consistently submitting 10 shows.  
Even though you have the choice of radio edited or dirty versions of songs, we advice to use radio edit as much as possible to appeal to a wider audience such as listeners at work etc.  
It's not rocket science to know that the benefits from this opportunity is endless. Now your skills can be heard around the world giving you the exposure needed to expand your career in the foreign market. Imagine a promoter or club owner in Europe, America, the Caribbean, to name a few, contacting you for a gig after hearing your hot show. Commercial and satelite radio is always scouting for talent to recruit. They may just stumble upon your show and want to get in contact with you. Your shows can now be your most effect business card. Instead of having to send out a demo on CD all you have to do is direct your potential client to your radio show. How cool is that?
We urge you to capitalize on this chance of a lifetime and by being a member of the Franchise Record Pool you already qualify. Hope to see you on board.

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