Franchise Record Pool is a fast growing music service that provides you with
a one stop source for new and pre-released music. Franchise Record Pool is designed to deliver fast and efficiently the music you want, replacing conventional formats like CD's, with today's fastest delivery technology, The Internet.

Founded by one of Hip Hop's biggest DJ, Funkmaster Flex and long time friend Mike "Mr. Excitement" Jacob, Franchise Record Pool has continued to evolved over the years since it's conception in 1996.

We are dedicated to providing music to DJs on a timely basis that will allow them to be one step ahead of the competition. At the same time providing record labels with the promotions and feedback of their music from the professionals that matters the most. The DJs.

Franchise Record Pool has working relationships with numerous labels that provide exclusive music for your review. Be heard and make the difference on today's market and give the label back your professional opinion on the music helping them create a better quality product, and ensuring you get the sounds you're after.

DJs enjoy the benefits of getting the new music first. Labels enjoy the benefits of getting your music heard. Join the Franchise Record Pool now experience the difference. Click to register

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