The benefits are endless for record labels/artists trying to get their music heard. The initial benefit is getting your music in the hands of the professionals who matters the most...the DJs. You can be certain that your music is heard around the world by some of the top DJs in the business. But a very important benefit is getting the time critical feedback needed to make the important decisions on the direction of your music.

Feedback is provided online in "real-time" for analysis and review. Labels are able to login and view feedbacks provided by the DJs on how the record is responded to by their audience.

Enjoy the benefits of getting music promoted to the world. Register with the Franchise Record Pool, send in your MP3s to and get your music heard by the world. Click here to register

DJs enjoy the benefits of getting the new music first. Labels enjoy the benefits of getting your music heard. Join the Franchise Record Pool now experience the difference.

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