Stalk Ashley

Stalk Ashley is one of the many talented aspiring artistes who gained traction as a result of Jada Kingdom’s ‘Banana challenge’.

The challenge, which has been going viral on social media, requires participants to creatively express their sexual desires.

Stalk Ashley's video, which has been posted on Kingdom’s Instagram page, has already amassed more than 100,000 views and in excess 1,000 comments. The up-and-coming artiste is hoping to use the exposure to get her foot through the industry’s doors.

“Music has always been my passion," said Stalk Ashley. "From singing in the church to participating in concerts, it was all just preparation. I got into it (music) based on constant support and encouragement I’ve received from close friends and family. Stalk Ashley is a musical artiste whose creativity and artistry is boundless, and I want to show the world that," she told THE WEEKEND STAR.

"Genre wise, I am a free agent, I’m just a true ambassador of great music,” she added.

Stalk Ashley said she never expected her freestyle to Jada Kingdom’s Banana to go viral. She said she is overwhelmed at the attention she has been receiving and hopes to use the exposure to boost her career.

“I participated in the challenge in full support towards Jada, and I also saw it as a platform for promoting and displaying my talent," she said. "I didn’t exactly expect the video to go viral but I’m glad it did.”

“I love the feedback from my supporters, people are enjoying my lyrics and my sound and that makes me so happy. The responses have been superb. My long-term goal as a musician is to simply to achieve the absolute best that music has to offer. I’m embracing all the attention as a push, and I will definitely continue to show the world what I’m made of,” Stalk Ashley added.

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Young (Clean)

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