Divine Council

Virginia is the birth place of some of the most progressive and important hip-hop artists of all time. The legendary production team The Neptunes have provided music and propelled the careers of some of the best artists in hip-hop history plus, individually, Pharrell and Chad Hugo became stars of their own. The Clipse is one of the best duos of all time and no one can make selling cocaine sound as beautiful as Pusha T. The new generation is not half bad too. D.R.A.M. is one of the best young artists out right now and currently has one of the biggest songs in the states with Lil Yachty-assisted jam “Broccoli.”

Now a new collective is starting to make a name for themselves from Old Dominion. An artist can go from their momma’s basement to a major record deal within months in today’s internet age. That’s exactly what happened to Divine Council, a group made up of Lord Linco, Cyrax and $ilk Money, who are born and raised on the North and South side of Richmond, Va.; and Icytwat, who’s from Chicago. The group used the internet to grow their fan base and caught the eye of famed music industry executive L.A. Reid. After meeting Reid, Divine Council signed to Epic Records and their life was instantly changed.