Verse Simmonds

You’re looking to set the mood for a nice evening in, but instead of a playlist you click on Verse Simmonds’ mixtape. Which one? It really doesn’t matter. Any one you choose from, including Sex Tape Chronicles 1, Sex Tape Chronicles 2, Sex Love & Hip Hop, or Circa 96, will get the job done. Salacious, sexy, and really whatever he wants it to be, he’s the industry’s risk taker, and it’s all paying off in his favor.

Verse is in a league of his own, and called on by the best to create hits that resonate from now, until forever. While in the studio with other artists, he has a special connection with anyone he works with. He takes the time to study the artist’s style so he can give them more than a
record, but a song that’s true to who they are. This is because no matter what he accomplishes or encounters, Verse will remain faithful to what he has been called to be, a game changer. He has worked with Jay Z and Kanye on the Watch The Throne album, receiving a Grammy nomination because of that. He has also been called on by R. Kelly, Chris Brown, Young Jeezy, TLC, and numerous others. He consistently gives the industry something different, better yet; he gives it exactly what’s needed. As an artist himself he remains in tune with fans and continues to give them straightforward and tantalizing music.

The next few months will bring many exciting things for Verse Simmonds. His next project, 1996, will be released, and his site will launch during that time. It will give people a daily fix of information ranging from music, fashion, healthy living, to everything
in between. On top of all of that, he is building a label by the same name, VVS Society. Verse Simmonds sees no reason to limit his talents, so he plans to continue to add to his brand as much as possible. With music at the root of his brand, he will stick to pushing the envelope.

As the mixtape plays on you’re caught off guard by his creative and sexy lyrics. You smile because you can relate to what he’s saying, and plan to try what he suggested. You’re totally drawn to his original style and catchy melodies. You understand fully, at that moment, why he’s a star.

“My goal is to be remembered as the one who gave 100%. I want my music and anything I touch to resonate forever. It is my desire to take people back to a time, or evoke forgotten emotions, when they hear my music, because it’s so raw, honest, and real. I simply want to go in the books as one of the greatest,” is how he describes what he envisions his legacy to be. With his hands in a little bit of everything, from behind the scenes to front and center on stage, his impact will be felt all over.

The music stops, you look around after snapping out of the daydreaming Verse brought on. Then you instantly want more. No need to fret, Verse Simmonds is only warming up; he has plenty more to give you and the world.